VSBA Academy Awards

The association recognizes board members for their dedication, time and hard work in improving boardmanship skills through VSBA meetings, conferences, board development and training, and active involvement in the association. VSBA members earn credits for VSBA Academy Awards which are based on participation from July 1 to June 30 of each year. There are five levels of awards, with certificates and pins awarded for particular levels. The VSBA Academy Awards are presented annually to school board members who meet the requirements.

Award Levels

Award of Recognition

15 credits/year — certificate

Award of Achievement

24 credits/year — certificate & bronze pin

Award of Excellence

48 credits/2 years — certificate & silver pin

Award of Honor

66 credits/2 years — certificate & gold pin

Award of Distinction

84 credits/2 years — certificate & starfish pin

How do I earn "Academy Credits"?

Conference Attendance

  • VSBA Conference on Education - 10 credits
  • New School Board Member Orientation - 6 credits
  • VSBA Annual Convention - 16 credits
  • VSBA Hot Topics Conference - 6 credits
  • VSBA Capital Conference - 10 credits
  • VSBA Legislative Advocacy Conference - 6 credits
  • VSBA Regional Spring Network Forum - 3 credits
  • VSBA Conference on School Law - 10 credits
  • VSBA Center for Board Development - 3 credits
  • VSBA Webinars - 1 credit
  • Other (NSBA, AASA, NSPRA) - 3 credits
  • VSBA Early Bird (Annual Convention) - 2 credits

VSBA Governance and Service*

  • VSBA Officer (Pres./Pres.-Elect/Past Pres.) - 9 credits
  • Chairman of VSBA Standing Committee - 6 credits
  • VSBA Regional Chairman - 6 credits
  • VSBA Board of Directors Member At-Large - 3 credits
  • Voting Delegate to VSBA Delegate Assembly - 3 credits
  • VSBA Committee Member - 3 credits
  • VSBA Regional Vice-Chairman - 3 credits
  • VSBA, NSBA, AASA, NSPRA program presider, presenter, panelist (12 max./yr) - 3 credits
  • Provide VSBA testimony to state legislative/ congressional committees (9 max/yr) - 3 credits
  • Write article for VSBA publications (9 max/yr) - 3 credits
  • Serve on state/VSBA task force or as appointee  to other education related entities (DOE/VHSL) representing VSBA when recommended or appointed by VSBA President (9 max/ yr) - 3 credits

*VSBA Board of Directors members are excluded from additional credits if their position requires performing certain functions, e.g. presiding at or chairing activities.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are all school board members required to participate in board training?

Yes! During the 1988 General Assembly, a state requirement for local school board member training was added to Standard 5 of the Standards of Quality. Effective July 1, 1988, “each local school board shall require its members to participate annually in high-quality professional development activities at the state, local, or national levels on governance, including but not limited to, personnel, policies and practices, curriculum and instruction; use of data in planning and decision making; and current issues in education as part of their service on the local board”
(Section 22.1-253.13:5D).

If I attend the VSBA School Board Academy each year will I be in compliance with the state requirement for board member training?

YES! In 1988, the State Board of Education adopted the motion, “The VSBA School Board Academy fulfills the requirement of Section 22.1-253.13:5D for local school board member training. The Board of Education approves of the Academy and encourages new and experienced board members to avail themselves of this program.”

How do I receive a VSBA School Board Academy Award?

As a member of the VSBA, you are automatically enrolled in the Academy, which was established July 1, 1986. The VSBA records participation in the Academy activities through registration and membership information. To receive credit for other endorsed activities, such as the NSBA Convention, you must submit evidence of your attendance to the VSBA. Awards will be recognized in the VSBA Annual Report. Pins and certificates are mailed prior to the Annual Convention to the local school division so that a local recognition ceremony can be held.

Does attendance at meetings other than those listed on the VSBA Academy schedule of activities qualify for VSBA Academy credit?

NO. Only those activities listed officially as part of the VSBA School Board Academy schedule of activities qualify for VSBA Academy credit.