Refund Policy

101.3: Finances

A.   Meetings and Conferences

1.   A late fee is charged for those who register for meetings and conferences after the established deadline.

2.   Purchase orders and registrations via telephone or fax by the established deadline date do not constitute payment of registration fees.

3.   Registrations for meetings and conferences may be canceled up to a predetermined deadline date. A processing fee is applied to all refunds.

4.   Because the VSBA has no guaranteed income and all expenditures must be balanced by an income, the expenses related to advertising, registration, program registration packets, hotel arrangements and contracted presenters, etc. must be secured when refunds are granted to those who request them. Refunds will be made on the following basis:

a.  Refunds of one-half of the registration fee (one-half of the balance after the deduction of processing fee) may be made after the deadline date for reason of inclement weather or personal/family illness.

b.   If a meeting or conference is canceled and/or postponed due to inclement weather and requests for refunds are made, a reimbursement equal to one-half the registration fee may be made. Requests for refunds after the deadline date must be made in writing from the board chairman, representing board action, to the VSBA President.