Media Honor Roll

Reporters and local media outlets play an important role in public education. School division leaders rely on responsible reporting by local media representatives so that our community members receive timely information about division initiatives and programs. Considering the impact that media coverage can have on community attitudes and beliefs, the Media Honor Roll was created to recognize fair and balanced reporting about our schools and Virginia’s public education system.

Each year, in the early Fall, the VSBA Media Honor Roll recognizes media representatives in three categories:  print, radio, and television. Criteria for honorees include the following:  

  1. Makes the effort to get to know the superintendent and board chairman.
  2. Understands the division’s mission and goals.
  3. Reports school news in a manner that is fair, accurate, and balanced.
  4. Gives a high-profile position to good news about schools.
  5. Regularly visits the schools, attends board meetings, etc.
  6. Maintains a policy of “no surprises” by sharing information with school representatives.

Please click here to view the 2016 VSBA Media Honor Roll. 

To nominate someone for the 2017 VSBA Media Honor Roll, please view the packet here.