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Covington High School Senior Savvy

Categories: Covington City, Workforce Readiness and Career & Technical Education | 2016


The Covington High School seniors participate in an annual program called Senior Savvy. It is presented by Diane Garcia, the founder and director of Everyday Elegance, LLC, and funded by a grant from the Alleghany Foundation. The Senior Savvy program is a two part interactive initiative to promote character building, as well as appropriate behaviors for a variety of situations relating to the 21st century. The first program is a formal luncheon hosted by the senior sponsors. The students are invited to the luncheon where they are fed a three course meal. The meal is meant to model a former dinner with a prospective employer as part of an interview. During the meal, Mrs. Garcia instructs the students on dinner etiquette. They learn about seating, table manners, silverware usage, and conversing with a group. The second program works on skills needed to make a good impression in the first 30 seconds of an interview. During this classroom presentation, Mrs. Garcia utilizes real world experiences mixed with fun and easy to remember rules that help students make a confident first impression. Mrs. Garcia emphasizes eye contact, introduction, and hand shake. Students also discuss appropriate dress for different interview types. This program is completed before the students participate in a mock interview, another program that allows students to practice and hone their skills for the real world.


Dr. Shannon Fuhrman
Covington High School Principal