Fairfax County

Annual Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Health, STEM-H Expo

Categories: Fairfax County, Workforce Readiness and Career & Technical Education | 2016


On April 9, 2016, Fairfax County Public Schools and NOVA SySTEMic Solutions will sponsor a STEM-H Expo at Northern Virginia Community College, Ernst Cultural Center, for students interested in exploring careers and education related to science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and health sciences. Event highlights include STEMestatic kick-off, breakout sessions, student demonstrations and exhibitors from STEM–H related business, industry, and educational organizations. This year’s theme is on new, exciting innovations, and how the STEM and healthcare career pathways collaborate to achieve life-changing technologies. Students will obtain information on careers, educational opportunities, and work force trends in the STEM-H field. Students plan and investigate career pathways in STEM-H and are exposed to professional networking with organizations in attendance to discuss the skill sets and qualifications required to enter the STEM-H field. The focus is to bring together members of industry, academia, and students to ensure a more secure future for the STEM-H professions.


Cara Kirby
Senior Career Experience Specialist