Fluvanna County

STEAM Lab and Makerspace

Categories: Fluvanna County | 2017

In October 2016, Fluvanna County Public Schools partnered with The Rotary Foundation of Fluvanna County as well as The Rose Deborah Altschull Endowment for Youth to dedicate a STEAM Lab and Makerspace at West Central and Central Elementary Schools.  Our students at Central have been building designs with Keva Planks, learning about robots through the use of Ozobots and Cubelets, and before the end of the year will put that knowledge together to create a maze with the Keva Planks and code the Ozobots to travel through their maze.  Students have created their own weather productions, written jingles about their study of maps and Famous Americans using the Green Screen.  Through these hands-on activities, students have been able to apply their knowledge and gain deeper understanding.  Like true engineers, after we have tested our creation, we go back and redesign.  


Pam Loving
Instructional Technology Resource Teacher