Galax City

Job Shadowing

Categories: Galax City, Workforce Readiness and Career & Technical Education | 2016


Galax City Schools is a small school system with a limited CTE program. We lack the resources to offer a number of programs. This adds to the difficulties in preparing students for jobs that are in high demand. To combat this, the CTE Department has created partnerships with a number of local businesses to set up job shadowing opportunities with students in the upper grades. These partnerships are made possible through an innovative schedule. This schedule allows for full or part day shadowing opportunities and has attracted a great deal of student interest. Students may choose to shadow with a number of different programs, including the hospital, dentists, optometrists, architects, and engineers. In addition, students may choose to work with several different industries to explore CNC design and development. The alternate schedule (The Intersession) is scheduled twice; once in the October and once in late February. The main focus of the intersession is remediation, but all upper high school students have the opportunity to participate in a shadowing experience.


Bill Sutherland
CTE Director