Goochland County

Deeper Learning with iPad 1:1 Initiative

Categories: Goochland County, Workforce Readiness and Career & Technical Education | 2016


Goochland is currently expanding its 1:1 program (grades 4-7, division-wide) to grades 3-8 in SY 2016-17 and 3-12 in SY 2017-18. Our slower approach towards deployment helps leverage our resources to build capacity for a new instructional model built upon deeper learning. This design is focused on a project-based approach towards learning, utilizing a learning management platform to track student progress and provide individualized learning opportunities, in addition to providing students anytime/anywhere access to apps to practice skill development beyond the school day. Our program was recently featured in EdWeek online ( and was recognized by Apple as a Distinguished Program this past October. The iPads in student hands enable our teachers to make learning more efficient and to help students succeed using assessment and progress data.


John G. Hendron
Director of Innovation & Strategy
(804) 615-0053