Louisa County

Practical Spanish Component of Louisa County High School CTE coursework

Categories: Louisa County, Workforce Readiness and Career & Technical Education | 2016


Louisa County High School’s Career and Technical Education classes now feature a functional Spanish language component. Doug Bowman, Spanish teacher at LCHS, visits CTE classes weekly during a flexible period added to his schedule. He develops vocabularyheavy mini-lessons that delve directly into subject matter. For example, nursing classes learn Spanish words for body parts and medical equipment, while landscaping students learns terms for tools and techniques. Many students have taken some Spanish, so the additional exposure extends that foundation into their chosen fields of interest. Lessons do not include verb conjugation or sentence structure as the goal is simply to build vocabulary that can help facilitate basic communication. That relaxed focus also keeps the lessons light, fun, and engaging. This innovative crosscurricular effort is creating stronger students today, better workers tomorrow, and will lead to higher levels of service for customers and co-workers who speak Spanish in the area.


Greg Dorazio
Public Information Specialist