Manassas City

Re-Thinking CTE: Our Process for Reform in Manassas City Public Schools (MCPS)

Categories: Manassas City, Workforce Readiness and Career & Technical Education | 2016


Is the MCPS CTE program an elective program that gives students exposure to careers; or, is the MCPS CTE program a technical program that actively prepares students for careers? This question is central to the reform process currently underway. Changing from an elective program to a technical program will require both the reallocation of current resources and significant investment in additional resources. Changes and increases related to financial, personnel, and material resources, in the absence of unlimited funding opportunities, will require adjustments to current and future programming. In this session, we will share our planning process, to include the application for a Governor’s STEM Academy, and 3 year implementation timeline developed to create a CTE program that both meets the needs of the MCPS student body and the larger City of Manassas community.


Dr. Melissa Saunders
Director of Curriculum and Instruction