Manassas City

BetterLesson’s Personalized PD

Categories: Manassas City | 2017

In partnership with Manassas City Public Schools (MCPS), Better Lesson’s PersonalizedPD has provided 1:1 personalized coaching support in blended learning for MCPS teachers and instructional technology coaches at seven schools across the district. Through ongoing, tailored support for each teacher, participants have been empowered to innovate their instructional practice strategically and personalize learning for their students. PersonalizedPD begins with an in-person “Design Studio” where teachers collaborate with a team of BetterLesson coaches to think deeply about the needs of their students and design a plan to address these challenges through the strategic use of educational technologies along with proven human-to-human teaching strategies. After attending the Design Studio and developing a vision for their classrooms, teachers continue collaborating with a personal coach every other week for the remainder of the school year as they implement new teaching strategies and work toward turning their classroom vision and increased student achievement into reality. 


Ashley Cramp
Director of Instruction