Mathews County

Student Technology Assistants Program

Categories: Mathews County, Workforce Readiness and Career & Technical Education | 2016


The Student Technology Assistant Program consists of one paid student and two volunteer students who work a few hours after school and 4 days a week over summer vacation. As students graduate or move out of the program, new students are selected by teachers at the middle school. The program is an apprenticeship where the Division Technology Coordinator trains the older students and these students train the younger participants. Student Technology Assistants collectively perform the same duties that previously had been done by support staff. This includes classroom computer imaging, repair, setup, software installation, laptop keyboards and screens replacements, network cabling and install/replace wireless access points. The work these students perform in teacher classrooms throughout the District enables all students to have access to properly functioning technology systems. Program participants also gain marketable workforce skills in Technology Systems and experience working with adults and students in a workplace environment.


William T. Vrooman
Division Technology Coordinator
804-725-3909 ext 2179