Mecklenburg County

South Hill Educational Excellence Partnership

Categories: Mecklenburg County | 2017

South Hill Educational Excellence Partnership (SHEEP) is a unique cooperation between South Hill Elementary School and South Hill Methodist Church to provide free after school wrap around services for children identified by the school staff based on academic and social needs.  Daily programming includes homework support, instructional follow-up, and soft skill development.  To date, every student participating has improved grades and received positive anecdotal confirmation from classroom teachers and school administrators.  The daily work of SHEEP is accomplished through the help of volunteers who come to SHEEP from multiple churches including the host church, South Hill United Methodist.  The volunteer base brings a variety of skill sets including those held by former and current educators.  Local businesses have been invited to partner with SHEEP by sharing ways in which their occupation relates to what the students are learning.  This partnership is important in fostering future employees and business owners.


Rev. Brian Siegle
Pastor, South Hill United Methodist Church