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Nottoway BookAway Bookmobile

Categories: Nottoway County | 2017

Nottoway Middle School started a bookmobile to serve all ages of children, called the Nottoway Book Away, in the summer of 2016. We needed a way to reach our students with books where they live.  The Nottoway bookmobile was the perfect solution.  We needed a vehicle, books, and county support.  I got a small bus donated, a grant helped supply books, the county bus shop provided the necessary maintenance, and a county employee built shelves for the bus. We also outfitted the bus with 10 Chromebooks for students to use at each stop.  The bookmobile has a PA system that plays music to let the students know of its arrival.  Students choose books to check out and choose a book to keep as their own. Because of many requests from the students, I am driving it on Wednesdays during the school year when the weather permits.


Judy Deichman