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Teachers for Tomorrow

Categories: Page County, Workforce Readiness and Career & Technical Education | 2016


Page County Public Schools believes in growing their own. Page County High School’s “Teachers for Tomorrow” program is aimed at doing exactly this. In this program students learn from the perspective of a student and teacher. Students complete a field placement at a local elementary school and hear from various school personnel through presentations and interviews. As part of this program, students earn their Para-Pro certification and then can work as teacher assistants during an internship block their senior year. For example one student who completed this program used their intern block to teach Algebra I in targeted groups under the direction of the content teacher. Her efforts helped to improve SOL achievement for many students and ultimately the school. In addition, “Teachers for Tomorrow” students have gone on to hold state and national offices while being provided invaluable practical experience in a field they wish to pursue as a career.


Sheila McKay
Secondary Business Teacher