Powhatan County

Comprehensive School Approach - Reaching ALL Students

Categories: Powhatan County, Workforce Readiness and Career & Technical Education | 2016


Powhatan County Public Schools provides all students with an opportunity to participate in Career and Technical Education and related Career and Technical Service Organizations through its comprehensive school approach. PCPS focuses its attention on vertical alignment of a STEM curriculum from kindergarten through 12th grade, culminating with CTE programs at the high school level. They include coding and computer science, health services, culinary arts, agriculture/horticulture, and electricity. Each year Powhatan’s CTE serves over 2,250 students across grades 7-12. Students can move back and forth between CTE and academic courses seamlessly, all under one roof at the high school. In addition, Powhatan’s CTE supports CTSOs through an emphasis on co-curricular involvement, enabling its students to win awards at the local, state and national level.


Jason Tibbs
Principal, Powhatan Junior High School - Division CTE