Stafford County

Jostens Renaissance

Categories: Stafford County | 2017

For over 25 years, Jostens has partnered with educators to renew school climate and culture through Jostens Renaissance® Education. Thousands of schools across North America are proud to call themselves “Jostens Renaissance” schools, sharing a sense of pride that is reflected in the results seen in improved academic performance, behavior, student engagement, and overall school spirit.  Through collaboration, we are able to share ideas, create new relationships, and implement plans that improve our school’s climate and culture. By focusing on building the students’ character, enhancing connections with all stakeholders, and creating a culture of celebration of all achievements, we have inspired success for the future. Renaissance has helped us boost North Stafford and Brooke Point High School’s culture with the excitement, appreciation and uplifting energy of recognition and rewards to inspire students and staffulty. Each building has been able to personalize Renaissance to enhance their individual cultures. 


Tom NIchols
Chief Secondary Officer