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Wythe County Pre-K Partnership

Categories: Wythe County | 2017

Wythe County Public Schools has organized the Wythe County Pre-K Partnership, a community-based task force, to provide a quality Pre-K experience for all four-year olds in Wythe County and to provide a continuum of services for children and their families to support the transition from home to school.  The Wythe County Pre-K Partnership has provided all public and private Pre-K classrooms with a comprehensive, research-based Pre-K program that uses a joyful approach to early learning.  Additionally, the partnership is providing training and support for all Pre-K classroom staff to enhance learning environments and to strengthen instruction and teacher-child interaction.  Multiple community agencies have joined together to provide wrap-around services such as weekend food backpacks, free vision and hearing screening, and support for families in need of outside assistance.  Early Childhood Screens III and Pre-K PALS assessments will be used to measure growth and school readiness of the Pre-K students. 


Beth Cochran
Director of Elementary Instruction