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VSBA’s Preferred Partner for Health Benefits Administration

Benefit Plan Administrators, Inc (BPA), an industry-leading third-party administrator, has partnered with The Jefferson Health Plan, a self-insured health benefit program, to bring Virginia School Systems access to our state-sponsored, cost-saving consortium. Since 2021, we’ve been endorsed by the VSBA as their preferred partner for health benefits administration, and since the consortium’s inception, we’ve collectively saved our Virginia school system partners over $5 million.

Our consortium offers coverage that meets your needs and addresses the central problem for school systems – rising costs and rate hikes. With our self-funded plans, you can avoid costly rate hikes that are common with fully insured plans. Our goal is to deliver a health plan that saves you money, while delivering outstanding service and coverage to your educators, school staff, and administrators.

Benefits for School Systems:
– No RFP Required
– Ownership of Unused Claim Reserves
– Cap on Premium Increases
– 100% Pass-Through Rx Rebates
– Single Monthly Billing
– Hospital Bill Audits
– State & Federal Legislative Compliance

Benefits for Personnel:
– Cigna & Express Scripts Coverage
– Case Management/Care Coordination
– Wellness Tools
– Prescription Benefits Management
– Convenient Member Portal
– Telemedicine Services
– HRA & HSA Access

Our primary goal is to protect the bottom line of Virginia school systems as it relates to their health spend, and our proven cost-containment solutions have resulted in significant savings for our partners.

$4,481,643.17 back in prescription rebates
$1,276,358.61 saved in deductible credits
$238,925.20 back in performance guarantees

All unutilized premiums are returned to the school system. In the event of any financial challenges within the health insurance program, the plan has the option to borrow funds at a 0% interest rate, with a repayment period of up to 3 years and no Lazers. This unique approach offers the protection of a fully insured plan while providing the advantages of being self-funded.

Click here to see the savings in our group performance flyer.

Quality data leads to the best decisions. At BPA, we combine leading technology with expert analysis to deliver actionable insights on the trends and factors that may drive up your organization’s healthcare costs. Next, we take this information and apply it to your plan to begin addressing health issues before they become costly.

We’ve also partnered with Beacon HCI to perform hospital bill reviews, ensuring every claim is billed and paid for properly.

Our enhanced service begins by providing you with exceptional support. This means becoming an extension of your HR and benefits team and keeping your employees informed with secure, 24/7 access to comprehensive health plan information. Our support approach also means your leadership team has direct access to ours if you ever need to reach us.

Legislative Compliance
With constant state and federal legislative changes, it’s important for self-funded groups to ensure compliance as new laws are implemented. We keep our groups abreast of all new requirements well before they are required, and our various partnerships help provide an easy path to total compliance.

A Health Benefits Partner You Can Rely On
For decades, we’ve been offering our complete portfolio of benefit solutions to serve school systems and personnel at every turn. Our clients range from national companies to local public entities, giving us the experience to effectively guide your school system to better healthcare savings.

Benefit Plan Offerings
• Self-Funded Plans
• HDHP Administration with HRA and HSA
• Dental & Vision Benefits
• Disability Protection
• Group Life Insurance
• COBRA Administration
• HIPAA & NSA Compliance

Plan Management
• Claims and Eligibility Administration
• PPO Network Administration
• Rx Benefits Management
• Reference-Based Pricing
• Provider Network Options
• Hospital Bill Audits

Cost/Care Management
• Health Management
• Maternity Care Management
• Large Case Management
• Oncology Management
• Disease Management
• BPA Diabetic Program
• Hospital Precertification

Data Analysis
• Health Cost Transparency
• Data Integration
• User-Friendly Analytics
• Forecasting Health Plan Costs

For more on how you can start saving on healthcare costs for your school system, contact:

Dr. Jim Blevins

Benefit Plan Administrators, Inc.
P.O. Box 11746, Roanoke, VA 24022-1746