Legislative Services

VSBA's government relations program ensures that the interest of school divisions is represented in formulating state and federal education policy. Educational funding and governance issues are at the top of the VSBA legislative agenda.

Through the work of the VSBA board members and staff, local school officials become directly aware of and involved with federal and state activities affecting education. The association represents the concerns of school divisions during the General Assembly, at meetings of the State Board of Education, and before other state agencies. Concerns on the national level are monitored by the VSBA staff and members of the NSBA Federal Relations Network, which consists of local school board members from each Congressional District of the state and nation.

VSBA communicates regularly with members of the General Assembly and Congress on high priority issues such as school financing, standards of quality, etc. Efforts include presenting formal testimony at public hearings, providing comments on specific bills before House and Senate committees, and routinely meeting with individual legislators regarding the needs of local school divisions.

Local school board members are involved in every stage of VSBA's legislative efforts. The Legislative Positions Committee, drawing from proposals submitted by local school divisions, identifies positions and policies to recommend to the VSBA Board of Directors. These recommendations then are voted on by the Delegate Assembly at the Annual Convention and, if approved, become part of the VSBA Legislative Positions Handbook.

You can stay up-to-date during the General Assembly through the VSBA Legislative Update Blog.

The Legislative Positions Handbook (Unabridged Version or Abridged Version) includes all legislative position statements of the Virginia School Boards Association that have been approved by the Delegate Assembly of the Association at the Annual Convention which is held during the fall of each year. Each spring the Legislative Positions Committee contacts all school boards in Virginia and asks for its recommendations on new legislative positions that should be considered by the Association.