Governance Training

Through the “VSBA Academy”, the VSBA offers individualized professional development activities designed for Virginia school boards. In addition to custom training. Click to learn more.

Policy Services

The “guiding light” of any school division is its policy manual. The VSBA Policy Services provides subscribers with policies that are based on state and federal laws and regulations and case law.

Legal Services

VSBA employs a full-time attorney who provides legal information and limited consultation for school board members and superintendents in divisions which are members of the VSBA Legal Assistance Fund.

Business Partners

Create deep connections with board members, superintendents and business officials by developing name recognition and face-to-face interactions.

Strategic Planning Services

Developing & Implementing Focused Plans of Action — A purposeful strategic plan is thoughtfully designed and thoroughly implemented.

Superintendent Search Assistance

Among the most important decisions that a school board makes is the selection of the superintendent.

Collective Bargaining Services

In association with Haney Phinyowattanachip PLLC, VSBA is pleased to offer services related to the collective bargaining process.