2024 Newsletter 4 – Jimmy Richardson Profile in Leadership
News2024 Newsletter 4 – Jimmy Richardson Profile in Leadership

How long have you been a school board member?
Going on 8 years now.

What do you do when you’re not working on School Board items?
I am a retired police officer. I was appointed before I retired as a marriage commissioner. I continue to do that part time and spend time with my 3 granddaughters.

Where do you turn for new ideas about serving your community? 
From members of the community or if I feel a need based on my observations and/or conversations with people.

What are one or two education issues/topics/challenges that are especially important to you and why?
Reading/literacy and equality. Everyone should learn to read. It promotes their well being. Everyone deserves to be treated equally.

What is the most important thing you’ve learned through your board service that you’d like to share with others?
We should take time to reflect and ask what are we spending time on this topic for? Is it best for the children we are trying to educate?

What is your motto as a board member?
Be fair and consistent.

What do you feel is the best benefit of being a member of the VSBA?
The experience it brings and the networking opportunities.

How do you define Advocacy?
Support of a specific cause or particular policy.

Why is advocacy important to you and your role as a school board member?
So you can push and advocate for what is best for children.

What is the most challenging aspect of advocacy and how do you work to overcome it?
Spreading the word or promoting your cause. Best way to do this is attend VSBA events to network.