Division Spotlight: Radford City Public Schools
NewsDivision Spotlight: Radford City Public Schools

McHarg PBIS Big Rig Day


McHarg Elementary School uses Kid Cash for our Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS). Students earn Kid Cash by exhibiting schoolwide expected behaviors. Kid Cash can be used in the classroom to purchase relationship-based experiences as well as material objects.

In addition to the classroom purchases, students also have the opportunity to purchase tickets to larger schoolwide events. These events help build schoolwide community, school spirit, and encourage saving as well as providing an opportunity to experience delayed gratification. While classroom stores may happen weekly/monthly, larger events typically happen once per quarter. Big Rig Day was our first event for the 2021-2022 school year.  For this event McHarg collaborated with community organizations and businesses.

These included the fire department, the police department, local construction companies, the power company and local tow services. These organizations brought a variety of vehicles which were lined up around our parking lot for students to experience. The organizations also provided representatives who explained how the parts of the vehicles worked or how they are used to help our community. This interactive experience included lights, sounds, and invitations to climb and explore some of the equipment. Students reported the highlight of their day was seeing their teachers go up in the power company bucket truck.