Important November 2021 Election Information- Candidate Petition Signatures
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Petition Signature Requirements During COVID-19 Pandemic

Item 86#1c– Lawmakers in the Virginia Genera Assembly gave final approval to budget language that creates uniformity in collecting petition signatures for state and local offices during a state of emergency as declared by the Governor due to the COVID-19 pandemic. During 2021, any individual seeking election to local office, including school board, may use forms for petition circulation developed by the Department of Elections that permit a qualified petition signer to sign a petition while not in the presence of the petition circulator. The petition signer must provide the following information, affirmation that the signer is who they attest they are, affirmation that the signer is a resident of their jurisdiction, including a statement of their address, and the last four digits of the signer’s social security number. 

If an individual signs a petition form published by the Department of Elections, that individual shall transmit that form, either by mail, electronically, or physically, to the candidate, the candidate’s campaign, or the petition circulator.

We encourage your board to review this budget language and consult with your local city or town registrar for impacts on ballot access requirements. 

If there are any questions or concerns that VSBA can address, please do not hesitate to contact Government Relations Specialist, J.T. Kessler, at or 434-295-8722 ext. 116.