VSBA Board Training Cancellation Policy
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VSBA Board Training Cancellation Policy

VSBA provides training for individual boards. Training sessions have become very popular and there is a significant demand for VSBA staff to conduct training sessions. There is also a high demand for the use of the facilities at the VSBA offices. When one board reserves the VSBA board room and/or VSBA staff for board training, the facilities and staff are, of course, unavailable to be scheduled for other VSBA members.

Unfortunately, there has been an increase in the number of instances in which VSBA member boards have cancelled scheduled trainings on short notice. VSBA will make every effort to accommodate schedule changes initiated by a local school board. However, in an effort to ensure that VSBA services are available to all VSBA members, the following cancellation provisions will apply beginning September 11, 2017:

  • If a school board cancels a training session more than 40 working hours before the start of the session, the school board will be responsible for any expenses incurred, such as food and drink orders that cannot be cancelled. (VSBA’s working hours are 8 am until 4:30 pm Monday through Friday).
  • If a school board cancels a training session within 40 working hours of the start of the session, the board will be charged the full fee for the session plus any expenses incurred that cannot be cancelled. If the school board reschedules the session within two weeks of the cancellation, VSBA will apply half the fee toward the charges for the rescheduled session.
This policy will not apply in the event of severe storms, natural disasters or other incidents beyond the reasonable control of the school board which necessitate cancellation of a scheduled training session.