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Virginia Association of Counties Group Self-Insurance Risk Pool (VAcorp) is here for you. We know the complexity of the risks facing school divisions. In today’s world, those risks become increasingly daunting. Your educators, school staff, and administration face enormous pressure to meet the de­mands of educating our future leaders while providing a safe and effective atmosphere to do so. We take that obligation very seriously.

VAcorp provides coverage to more school divisions and county agen­cies than any other provider. Because of our strength in numbers, we provide a way to spread risk among numerous like-entities. This gives you predictability of claims, targeted risk controls, and a best-practices approach to making sure your every need is con­sidered.

VAcorp was established in 1993 at the request of Virginia counties seeking an alternative to the insurance marketplace to provide coverage and risk services to local government entities and school divisions across the Commonwealth. In 2013, the Bureau of Insurance approved the merger of the VSBA Insurance Pools with VAcorp. The merger resulted in a stronger and more robust insurance program that benefits the participating school divisions.

Because of our member-ownership model, members not only have a stake in the pool’s success, but also have representation at the decision-making table. All members are encouraged to share ideas about new and different coverages. VAcorp constantly strives to create products on the cutting edge of demand to ensure that members are covered, no matter what the needs may be. VAcorp is the one-stop provider of risk coverage and services for all Virginia school divisions.

VAcorp Contact Information

1819 Electric Road Suite C
Roanoke, VA 24018
Phone: 844-986-2705

VA School Division Coverages

  • Property – Written specifically for Virginia public schools under a “special form,” meaning all perils are covered un­less specifically excluded
  • Equipment Breakdown – Covers a wide range of equipment such as air conditioning and refrigeration, boilers, and pressure vessels
  • Inland Marine – Covers trailers, boats, and other movable and specialized property, as well as miscellaneous equipment
  • Crime – Covers crimes committed by employees and vol­unteers, including losses of money and securities from failure to faithfully perform duties, as well as forgery and computer fraud
  • Auto – Covers all vehicles you own, as well as hired and rented vehicles for member business
  • Educator Legal Liability – Provides coverage in the event of a claim or lawsuit alleging a wrongful act by an educator or staff member
  • General Liability – Provides the broadest protection and defense for schools against allegations of bodily injury or property damage
  • Student Accident – Provides secondary medical expense coverage for student injuries sustained during supervised school-time activities, physical education, extracurricular activities and field trips. Coverage also available for inter­scholastic athletics.
  • Catastrophic Student Accident – Fills coverage gaps for catastrophic claims of middle school athletes, high school athletes practicing out-of-season, and catastrophic claims related to all school sponsored activities, events, and programs.
  • Cyber Risk – Provides coverage due to network security breaches that may include hacking, malware, viruses, social engineering, and online privacy matters like identity theft and ransomware attacks.
  • School Security Risk – Provides coverage for weapons assaults, abduction, extortion, hostage or similar threats
  • Workers’ Compensation – Provides the most affordable and responsive workers’ compensation program available. This includes telephonic nurse triage with automatic claim reporting service and prescription first fill program
  • Volunteer Accident & Sickness – Coverage available for volunteers injured while under the direction of the school division
  • Excess Limits – All coverages can be custom­ized with increased limits beyond the standard limits
  • School Security Officer (SSO) Liability – Provides liability coverage for armed or unarmed SSOs employed by the school division

2023 Risk Management Award Winners

Eleven Virginia school divisions were recognized in the Excellence in Risk Management Awards presented by VAcorp at the VSBA Annual Convention. VAcorp provides coverage and risk management services to school divisions, public entities and related organizations across the commonwealth of Virginia. Click here for the full news release.

Workers’ Compensation
Less Than 5,000 Students – Richmond County Public Schools, Middlesex County Public Schools, and Rappahannock County Public Schools
5,000 – 10,000 Students – Louisa County Public Schools
More Than 10,001 Students – Williamsburg-James City County Public Schools

Less Than 5,000 Students – Page County Public Schools, Sussex County Public Schools, and Winchester City Public Schools
5,000 – 10,000 Students – Manassas City Public Schools and Augusta County Public Schools
More Than 10,001 Students – Fauquier County Public Schools

“It is an honor to recognize school divisions that are excelling in risk management and are emphasizing safety, injury prevention and an overall management of risk,” said Dr. Lee Brannon, Director of Schools of VAcorp, “Providing continued guidance for the implementation of best safety practices in Virginia schools is our goal.”

Staff Contacts

Member Services
For questions regarding the various lines of coverage, services, invoices, membership documentation, website guidance, certificates of insurance, please contact:

Lee Brannon, Director of Schools,

Michael Thornton, School Specialist,

Carrie Gilbert, Key Account Specialist,

Stephanie Heintzleman, Director of Public Entities,

Mike Rezac, Member Experience Manager,

Chris Carey, Administrator,

Risk Control Services
For questions regarding risk control services, please contact:

Chris Ballard, Risk Control Manager,

For inquiries relating to claims, please call 888-822-6772.

Reporting – Property and Casualty claims, including student accident and automobile claims, are reported using the website For guidance in reporting claims or login and password assistance, please contact Member Services at 888-822-6772.

Reporting – Workers’ Compensation claims are reported using the toll-free Company Nurse on Call Nurse Triage and Claims Reporting Service. For information about this service, please contact Scott Neal, Cost Containment Manager,

Hybrid Disability Program

For information about this program, please go to

For information about the Billing Services provided by VACORP, please contact

FREE VAcorp Online Training Program- SafeSchools

In an effort to increase safety awareness, VAcorp has secured a FREE online training program at no cost to members. This program includes the required courses of First Aid, CPR, and AED training and is available to your staff any time of day. This saves members the costs normally associated with training, such as travel, time out of the office, and registration fees.

SafeSchools creates a web portal unique to your school division and provides employee access to the 11-course bundle. We hope that you will take advantage of this free training opportunity, available to your entire staff as a member benefit.

Please contact Chris Ballard, Risk Control Manager, at for additional information. Training Videos

National School Bus Safety Week

National School Bus Safety Week is the third full week in October each year. Click here to view some tips to help highlight this week in your local divisions.

Held each year during the third full week of October, National School Bus Safety Week is a public education program designed for school leaders to publicize the importance of school bus safety.