Excellence in Workforce Readiness
Excellence in Workforce Readiness

2023 VSBA Excellence in Workforce Readiness Award Winners

Student Population Below 5,000 Students
First Place- Fredericksburg City Public Schools, The Hop Into Vocational Experiences (HIVE) Program
Second Place- Petersburg City Public Schools, Education for Employment Program
Third Place- Alleghany Highlands Public Schools, Advanced Healthcare Pathways Program

Student Population Between 5,001 – 10,000 Students
First Place- Isle of Wight County Public Schools, IWCS Agriculture Land Lab: Cultivating the Next Generation of Farmers
Second Place- Danville City Public Schools, Institute for Advanced Learning and Research
Third Place- Prince George County Public Schools, Technology Field Day Initiative

Student Population Above 10,001 Students
First Place- Fairfax County Public Schools, Residential Construction Program
Second Place- Albemarle County Public Schools, Starr Hill Pathways
Third Place- Chesterfield County Public Schools, CCPS Work-Based Learning Initiative

Click here to view photos of the first place winners taken at the 2023 Conference on Education.

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