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The VSBA seeks to identify school boards that will be designated as a VSBA Board of Distinction. Boards must apply for the designation and must meet specific requirements in four key areas: planning, policy, promotion, and board development. If eligible, the board will receive a plaque to hang on the wall of their boardroom designating the board as a VSBA Board of Distinction. Designation as a VSBA Board of Distinction may be accomplished by the chair, with the approval of the board, completing and returning the checklist and supporting materials by July 19, 2024. Once a school board has achieved this designation, it may reapply after two years for continued VSBA Board of Distinction status. The announcement of the recipients and presentation of award plaques will be made during the VSBA Annual Convention in November.

The deadline for submissions is July 19, 2024.

Click here to download the 2024 VSBA Board of Distinction Nomination Form.

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