Bullying Prevention Month

In an effort to promote awareness of school bullying, the VSBA Board of Directors has designated the month of October as VSBA Bullying Prevention Month. Childhood bullying is a significant problem nationwide. It can cause school absenteeism, mental and physical stress, poor school performance, poor self-esteem, and in some cases, school violence. Statistics show that 160,000 children in the United States miss school each day as a result of being bullied. School board members, superintendents, teachers, and parents play a critical role in creating a climate where bullying is not tolerated. It has been proven when adults and children stand together, bullying ends.

The Guide for Bullying Prevention month will be available late summer 2018.


Operation M.A.C. (Make A Change) is a concert based Anti-Bullying Assembly that brings 1 to 3 artists to your school. During the assembly, the artist will perform and deliver a powerful message about bullying. The assembly is high energy, interactive and serious when the message is delivered.

About Celeste Kellogg (Headline Artist)

  • She is an Isle of Wight County Public Schools graduate and performed at the 2014 VSBA Annual Convention.
  • At age 12, she auditioned and was selected to perform with Radio Disney. She opened for Miley Cyrus, Raven, The Cheetah Girls, The Jonas Brothers and Kelly Clarkson.
  • Celeste was the 2nd Pop/Country Artist to be featured in the Teen Magazine “Pop Star”, with the first being Taylor Swift
  • After the release of her debut CD, Celeste’s song “The Look” charted overseas and I Heart Radio selected her as an Artist to Watch.
  • Celeste filmed an Independent Anti-Bullying movie titled “Shakespeare School Year” the movie co-stars Bill Cobb (Night of the Museum), Lee Meriwether (Golden Globe Winner) and Blake Michael (Disney’s Dog with a Blog)
  • Celeste is no stranger to the anti-bullying scene; she has been working with today’s youth for the past three years. 

For more information about Operation M.A.C., visit http://www.celestekellogg.com/operation-mac.html or contact KelloggEntertainment@gmail.com