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VSBA Be Kind Campaign

The VSBA Be Kind Campaign is an open invitation to all members of the school and community to partake in celebrating kindness.

We deeply appreciate the commitment of school board members who work tirelessly to equip our students with the tools they need to thrive, while also exemplifying positivity and leadership. Our campaign underscores the importance of kindness in every facet of our endeavors. As board members, we actively engage with the concerns of students, staff, and the wider community, consistently demonstrating empathy and cherishing the unique perspectives of each individual. Whether we are shaping policies, engaging in daily interactions, or making choices in our personal lives, kindness remains the cornerstone. Each considerate conversation, every display of empathy, and all instances of support reaffirm our dedication to fostering a more compassionate and all-encompassing world.

The journey toward a kinder world begins with us, and the VSBA Be Kind Campaign stands as an opportunity to honor and celebrate kindness. We urge everyone to infuse kindness into every decision and interaction.

Below you will find resources available to assist your school board with celebrating kindness.

VSBA President David Woodard has provided a PSA to encourage participation in VSBA Be Kind Campaign:

VSBA Be Kind Initiative

Student School Board Representative – Kindness

School Board Members – Kindness

Be Kind Initiative Podcast

Join Executive Director Gina Patterson and Deputy Executive Director Samantha Bosserman as they discuss the Be Kind Initiative and how school board members can get involved.

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